Letcher County Sanitation

Garbage Routes

Current as of 2017

All garbage must be brought to the closest county roadway by 7 a.m. on the day of service to your area.
Remember, using blue bags for your recyclables saves money and the environment!

Monday: Start at junction 160 toward Linefork. Pick up all of 160, all of Highway 463, all Highway 510, and all Highway 1103. This includes all side roads and off sets. At Highway 1103 and junction of Highway 7 South beginning at Ulvah, everything down to Blackey, including Elk Creek and Carcassonne. Pick up all of Blackey and River Road to Roxana. Spring Branch, Hobart Bottom, Black Bottom, Cross Road, Spike Drive, Seven Oaks (off Black Bottom) and main drag in between.

Tuesday: Bottom Fork, Payne Gap, and all side roads in this area. Kona, Seco, Whitaker, McRoberts, Neon Junction, Haymond, Cromona, Beefhide, McPeaks Branch, Happy Hollow, and Highway 805 all the way to Pike County Line. Prince Albert and everything behind Exxon, Mayking Loop and Golf Course Lane and everything behind Dollar General Store, Brass Drive and Heritage Drive starting at Mayking Fire Department all surrounding areas from there to Holbrook Town, Down in Holbrook Town, Down Hill Road, Golden Rod and Including main drag and offsets of Highway 1862 from Mayking Fire Department to Thornton bridge and main drag and offsets of Highway 2545 from Thornton bridge to the mouth of Millstone.

Wednesday: Whitco, Cowan, Kingscreek, Roxana, Premium, Ice, Kingdom Come, Pratt Branch and Mill Branch (Highway 2035). Jeremiah down HIghway 7 South to Highway 15, Isom, Little Colley and Sandlick. 

Thursday: Mayking, Sergent, Thornton (from Golden Rod), Millstone, Goose Creek, Hemphill, Grassy Fork, Yonts Fork, Deane, Colson, Camp Branch, Low Gap and Rockhouse to Isom on Highway 7 North. 

Friday: Everything beginning at McDonald's across Pine Mountain. Pert Creek, Little Cowan, Hammonds Branch, Highway 119 North from County Garage to Ermine including Fairview Drive, Friday Branch, Solomon Road, Crafts Colley, Dry Fork, and Smoot Creek.

Letcher County Sanitation